Reading Head Start Review: A Program To Develop Your Child’s Reading Capabilities?

Welcome to Reading Head Start Review. A child’s brain is developed up to 90% by the age of 3. This is a critical period, as your child develops social and language skills through talking and play. Touch is another method through which your child starts understanding different shapes and structures. It is never too early to start reading to your child, it is a myth that reading to your child in different languages might confuse their brain.

Reading Head Start Review: Teach And Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills!

It is essential to play, talk, read, play music, sing and cuddle your child as much as possible as these activities can help boost their brain and in the process open them up to the imagination. By teaching your child to read, you are equipping them with proficiencies that are essential in absorbing knowledge in the future years. Such children are better equipped to handle the school system and also perform better compared to their peers who have just begun the process of stringing alphabets together.

As parents, you would always want the best for your child. Did you know that 37% of children admitted to kindergarten do not possess the required skills to absorb the curriculum at that level? Investing in expensive books and tutors, later on, might be effective in some cases. But the best route to take would be to get your child interested in books as early as possible. This is where Reading Head Start comes into the picture. This 40 – week program aims to help your child develop reading capabilities and also train parents on how to best support their child during the tenure of the program.

Let’s delve into an in-depth Reading Head Start Review, to understand if the program works.

Reading Head Start review

Program Title Reading Head Start
Category Education
Price $197(Yearly) (Check for Discount)
Availability Only through the official website
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About Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start program is a learning program aimed at teaching and improving the reading skills of your child. The Reading Head Start PDF will contain detailed information about the activities to be performed throughout the program.

The course is broken down into 4 different phases. As a parent, you need to invest as little as 15 minutes in a day, three times a week, and coach your child through the learning phase of the program. The curriculum used in the program is light and interesting, to make the learning process both educational and fun.

At the end of each phase when your child has completed the required lessons and worksheets, they will be recognized by a certificate, which is aimed at boosting the self-esteem and confidence in your child.

Considering the various Reading Head Start Reviews the simplicity of the program is what takes the cake. It not only helps your child read but also arms, you as parents, with the required knowledge to support your child in their learning journey.

Features of Reading Head Start

This program caters to a large number of audiences considering the different age groups that can benefit from it. Our Reading Head Start Review aims to summarize and highlight some of the essential features of associates with the program.

  • The 4 phases of the program are divided into detailed lesson plans that can easily be incorporated into the daily routine of a child by a parent or teacher.
  • Printable flashcards, phonics cards, irregular word cards, and letter books are available for download.
  • Worksheets aimed at reiterating the lessons completed through each phase.
  • The curriculum in itself is the standout feature of the program as it is designed to make the learning process enjoyable, helping your child develop linguistics, communication, and social skills.
  • Free Reading Head Start bonuses which include, word book series and interactive reading games.
  • The program also offers a Reading Head Start free download trial to begin with, which can be canceled easily at any time if you are not satisfied with the program.
  • The program has a Reading Head Start member login area, where parents can access the content related to the course.

Who created Reading Head Start?

Sarah Shepard is the brain behind the Reading Head Start program. Unlike many other products available in the market, this program took birth from the concern a mother had for her children, regarding the learning techniques applied by schools. She is a mother of three children, an English tutor with an experience of over 14 years.

Sarah Shepard started recognizing the similar learning patterns used by schools all over and how it is one of the reasons why many students found it difficult to cope up with the syllabus in the early grades. She developed the Reading Heading Start program to bridge the gap between children’s learning capabilities and the actual syllabus taught in schools.

According to Reading Head Start review now further explores if the program helps your child.

How does it help your child? 

Sarah Shepard claims the teaching techniques involved in this program are scientifically proven and she has full confidence in the ability of the program that she offers a 100%, 365-day money-back guarantee.

The program involves a positive approach to reading, Reading Head Start Review says that it tries to make the content as fun and educational as possible because the intent is not only to help your child read but also to get them interested in books. They should view reading as a fun activity and not a boring chore.

With piqued interests, your child will focus better on the lesson plans involved in each phase. The availability of various visual cards in the program, helps your child better retain information as compared to text.

The worksheets at the end of each phase serve as assessment tools, which provides you an insight into what your child has learned and other areas of improvement.

Reading Head Start review proves that, this program does help children develop their overall linguistics capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Reading Head Start


The Reading Head Start program offers some benefits to its users. Some of the essential ones are as below:

  • Ease of use: The program is divided into 4 phases for simplicity, as a parent you need to invest only 15 minutes a day, three times a week to go through the videos for the assigned day. The videos are self-paced so you can take your time and not rush through the process.
  • Proven Results: According to Reading Head Start Review with the use of visual cards, fun content, interactive sessions this program aims to develop the overall capabilities in your child.
  • Affordable: You can get a Reading Head Start sample from the official website and try the program for the first 3 days. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can cancel your subscription within the 3 days itself.
  • Guarantee: The creator of Reading Head Start offers a 100% 365 money-back guarantee if you do not see a grade of improvement in your child’s reading capabilities.


  • The program in itself does not negatively impact your child in any way. But, it does require discipline from your end.
  • This program, though easy, requires dedication from the parents over the 40-week tenure. Skipping days or weeks might affect the results of the program.

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Reading Head Start Price & Bonuses

If the various Reading Head Start Reviews are not convincing enough you can head over to the official website and get a Reading Head Start sample at $1 for 3 days. If the program does not meet your requirements you can cancel your subscription. If you want to continue with the program every month you will be charged $37 per month.

The other payments options include a yearly single payment of $197 or a lifetime subscription at $297.

On purchase of any of the plans, along with the Reading Head Start PDF, you will also receive free bonus items like wordbooks which encourage your child to read more than the lessons. Interactive reading games aimed to improve their social skills and lastly tips and tricks for parents t better support their children through the learning process.

Does Reading Head Start work?

Yes. As per our Reading Head Start Review and also the countless testimonials of other parents this program helps improve your child’s reading capabilities. Along with being effective the program is easy to use and does not take much time throughout the week.

It can be easily incorporated into your child’s routine. Reading Head Start login member area also gives you access to a variety of free bonus content. If you are not satisfied with the content, do not fret over how to cancel the Reading Head Start question. You can simply log in to the member area, navigate to the subscription tab, and cancel the same.

Who should buy Reading Head Start?

Parents with children as young as 2 years old are encouraged to invest in the Reading Head Start program. A child’s brain is almost developed by the age of three, this is the best time to introduce reading in their routine to better equip them for kindergarten and future grades.

The program claims to work for children of any age even if they have absolutely no interest in reading books. It also has been proven to prevent and reverse Dyslexia.

If your child falls into any of the above categories investing in Reading Head Start would be a good option.

Reading Head Start reviews from Parents

I bought this app for my kindergartner, who is absolutely in love with it. He will be joining first grade in a few months and I already see a lot of improvement in his reading capability.

– Carly G

The app is super easy to use. It works fine on both my phone and tablet. Because it is so handy, I tend to use it more than three times a week for a fun mother-daughter bonding session.

– Shelly T

I noticed my daughter was having difficulties reading her worksheets. She was not able to comprehend the question itself, how could we expect her to answer them? I was initially overwhelmed but, Reading Head Start came to my rescue. I have been spending time with my daughter after school and I am noticing the changes in her confidence as she is now able to read her worksheets and books without any hesitation.

– Raymond C

reading head start reviews from parents


Reading is one such capability that is important to absorb the knowledge surrounding us. There is a wealth of information available in books, e-books, online tutorials, and more. But, your child will be at a disadvantage if they struggle with the basic skill of reading. It is recommended you start coaching your child in communication skills early on, as it will help build their self-confidence as they embark on the learning curve.

The Reading Head Start program is aimed at developing this particular skill in your children and better prepares them for their academic journey. There are a host of benefits associated with this program and the number of positive Reading Head Start reviews available online further this claim.

The program is easy to use for both parents and children alike. It just requires 15 minutes of your time in a day, three times a week to notice considerable changes in your child’s reading capability. The program even works for children who would find books, boring, to begin with. It also helps in preventing and reversing the signs of Dyslexia.

There are multiple payment options available, you can choose one as per your need. And to top it off, if you do not see any improvement in child’s reading capabilities, Sara Shepard – the creator of Reading Head Start, offers a 1 full year money-back guarantee.

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Does Reading Head Start offer a free trial?

No. But, you can try the program for 3 days at a mere amount of $1.

Is Reading Head Start available as a hard copy?

No. The program is available only in the online format like PDF, e-books, and videos.

What payment options does the program offer?

It offers three options, Monthly - $37, Yearly - $197 Lifetime - $297.

What is the recommended mode to purchase this program?

You can visit the official website of Reading Head Start and purchase a plan as per your requirement.

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